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Typical Planning Exposes your business to multiple risks

You’ve worked hard to build your business.
Let us help you protect it.

Possible risk factors include: 

Inheritance Tax (IHT): 40% of the value of the business could be lost to future generations.

3rd Party Claims: Divorce settlements, Creditors and Bankruptcy.

Missed Business or Agricultural Relief: If rules on BR and AR change, these reliefs may not be available. Opportunity to take assets out of estate will have been missed.


Business-Specific Services

Brilliant Protection for Your Business

Whether you’re a sole-trader, a limited company, a partnership or otherwise, we know that you’ve built your business through hard work, determination and sacrifice.

We’re here to offer a bespoke service to ensure that your loved ones benefit from your hard work and your business is sufficiently protected.

It’s important to put these safeguards in place now- by the time you need them, it may be too late.

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Business Lasting Power of Attorney

Make sure that if anything happened to you, someone you trust can make business decisions.

Family Business Trust

A pilot trust that makes sure your business assets are safe for your family.

Cross-option Agreement

Ensure that your business partner can carry on while your family benefit.

Shareholder Trust

Put your company-owned life assurance in trust so that your business partner can purchase your share.

From Our Director

We’re all in this together

I started Brilliant Estate Planning in 2018 based on a passion for helping others, a drive to do more, and a calling to educate people about ways to protect the people they love.

Not only have I experienced firsthand what happens when the proper steps aren’t taken, I’ve also built my business myself, so I know how much hard work it takes, and how important it is to protect.

If you own a business, you can’t afford not to protect it.

-CiCi Reagan Twining, Director