We were live on the Tuesday Vibes show on Radio Shields on Tuesday, 5th May 2020. Did you miss us? No big deal! Follow this link to listen on your favourite music and podcast streaming service, or simply hit play below!

I discussed all thing estate planning and how financial insecurity can really impact mental health. I answered some great questions about wills, trusts, and Lasting Powers of Attorney (like: why are they important?) and had a really lovely time listening to all the uplifting music (some of which I chose) as well as the fabulous other guests!

Also featured on the show were Lisa Viccars, who discussed empowering yourself and how you can learn amazing skills to take out into the world to help self-healing.  Healing is Lisa’s passion and therapy is her calling. Assisting people to shed their self limiting beliefs and become who they were before the world told them who to be is what drives her.

Tove Crossland from Ocean Zen was on as well. If you need help with your life and intuition and support to achieve and realise your goals, Tove can help using angel guidance,  crystals and reiki during one to one sessions.

Amanda Joy, the host of Tuesday Vibes, is absolutely amazing and the entirety of Radio Shields is doing great things in our community. Check out more of Amanda Joy’s podcasts and, if you feel so inclined, you can support the show financially as well!

Be well and stay safe,

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