Hi everyone! We hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe indoors.

We do understand, however, that not all of us have the luxury of staying in. Some have to go to work as they are the doctors and nurses who keep us well, the delivery drivers who keep us fed, or the emergency services who protect us. We appreciate every single one of you, and want to support you as much as we can.

Discount code for key workers

If you’re a key worker of any sort, and you’re out there putting yourself at risk for the benefit of others, we’d like to offer you a 15% discount on all our services. This includes the already lowered prices on our Lasting Powers of Attorney, which we’ve reduced by £50.

Discount code for LPAs

We also want to provide that 15% discount to the elderly, who are at a higher risk and therefore in isolation. We know that they need help right now more than anyone, which is why we’re offering this discount in addition to our lower priced LPAs.

Discount code for the elderly

Our codes can be used at The Brilliant Shop or you can simply speak to us and we’ll apply your discount for you. Simple as that. Have questions? Take a look at our dozens of FAQ videos.

We pride ourselves on providing accessible and affordable services to everyone, and we know that with this pandemic, the term ‘affordable’ has changed. We are all doing our best to look after and provide for our families, and many of us are afraid of what getting sick might mean. We never think it will happen to us until it does. People are searching for wills now more than ever before. People who are stuck indoors need to appoint attorneys on LPAs who can help them while they’re in isolation and in case they become ill. We already work nationwide and so have the facilities in place to work remotely- no matter where or who you are, we can help you.

Sometimes, protecting those we love means having conversations that can be difficult. It involves putting plans in place for a future that may be hard to comprehend. Hopefully, the worst never happens, but it feels a whole lot better to be prepared, as you can tell from our testimonials.

If you’re concerned, reach out to us. We’re always here and happy to help. Stay well and be safe.