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Testimonials and Case Studies

Disrupting the landscape of Estate Planning: one client at a time

Our mission at Brilliant is to educate individuals about the Estate Planning solutions that are available to them, and provide those solutions in a way that is accessible to everyone.

We listen to you- your circumstances, family dynamics, worries, and goals, and present you with a bespoke recommendation which will fully cover your current situation and any eventualities. From there, the choice is yours.

We find that many people have been told that there are no solutions to their problems, or have been presented with a plan which solves them but is financially inaccessible. This typically causes the client to abandon hope (sometimes following an embarassing conversation.)

With Brilliant, you’re in control. Simply choose how you want to proceed and we do the rest. With our professional recommendations, compassionate ear, and competitive pricing, you have nothing to lose.

Case Studies – How Brilliant Can Help


A client came to us earlier this year who was concerned about what would happen to her children if she or her husband were to pass away. Not only that, but she worried that if she left everything to her husband and he remarried someone who also had children, the money she wanted to leave her daughters would be diluted and passed to people she’d never even met. This prospect filled her with dread.


Based on her specific concerns for her husband and children, we wrote her wills distributing to Trusts which we already put in place. This means that husband and wife will both have access to the funds, but they are specifically for the benefit of their children, which was their preference. Not only that, but we named reserve guardians who will also have access to the trust, ensuring that no matter what, her children will be protected and cared for.


A mumpreneuer came to us who had a child with her ex-partner. She was concerned that if she left everything to her child outright that her ex would have access to those funds or might even challenge her Will. 


We advised that she leave her assets for her son in Trust and name Trustees that she trusts implicitly. We also put a clause in her will to explain why she didn’t want her ex partner to inherit and provided her with a Will Clarity Statement to ensure that there was a record of our meetings and further prove that she was of sound mind when her Estate Planning was completed.

Testimonial from Vicky

CiCi has helped us sort out our Will and Trusts for our two daughters – this was a task that has been playing on my mind as we know it isn’t a happy subject and something I think we all put off. CiCi was brilliant at making the process very easy; she understood what we wanted and recommended the right way to go to cover all our needs. I can now sleep better at night knowing that everything is in order! I would highly recommend CiCi to assist with your will planning.”

Testimonial from Garron

“Brilliant helped me plan and bring together a few different bits of paperwork, including LPA’s and my will. All it took was a few conversations with the helpful and knowledgeable CiCi and the first drafts were made. After a few tweaks I was happy and the rest was taken care of! Very easy, very simple and all my queries answered, and now I have a legal framework set out in case I end up in a scenario where I am unable to act for myself. Great service. Thanks Brilliant Estate Planning!”

Testimonial from Caroline

CiCi completed my new Will in the past few months. She was very friendly and approachable when we met. After hearing my current circumstances, she gave me some suggestions about aspects I hadn’t realised. Whilst considering my options she was very cool about it, no hard sales or pushing to get things sorted quickly. She finalised everything and was very patient and helpful getting the Will wrapped up. I’d highly recommend her to anyone considering their Will!

Testimonial from Catherine

Thank you so much, CiCi, for all your help in putting together my will. It was far less stressful and confusing than I thought it would be, and thank you for the extra research and advice on my request for sustainable funeral arrangements! I would not hesitate to recommend CiCi for anything relating to wills and estate planning. She knows her stuff and makes the whole process far less scary than it needs to be. Thank you!