I started Brilliant because I saw a gap in the market. The gap was for affordable, accessible, client-centred estate planning (wills, trusts, and Lasting Powers of Attorney,) sure. But it was also for something else. Something different.

The truth is that everyone needs a will. Everyone needs to sort their financial affairs before they have to- at that point it’s usually too late. But estate planning is considered something for old people, sick people. It also can be a scary or difficult topic for some people- but writing your will doesn’t have to be scary!

How is Brilliant Different?

You picture a stuffy solicitors office, a man in a suit, fountain pens and work billed by the hour. You think expensive. Of course you put it off- why would you want to spend time talking about death with someone across a desk that you don’t relate to at all?

In regular, ‘normal’ times, I meet clients in coffee shops and at their homes. I’ve worked remotely with clients all over the UK via phone, video call, and email- and of course I’ve put those same procedures in place with all my clients to cope with the ‘new normal.’

Someone you can relate to

I’m a human being- professional and knowledgeable, sure- but real, and approachable. I’ve experienced loss in my life which not only means that I can relate to those who have gone through something similar, but I have a different perspective, and even a sense of humour about the whole thing.

I’m never going to speak with you over a desk. And I’ll hold your hand if you get a bit teary. I’ll throw out a joke about the inevitability of death if you’re that kind of person. We can even have a laugh picking all the songs you want ruined forever for your family by playing them at your funeral. (I’ll have the Star Trek theme and Lost by Amanda Palmer at mine!)

Leave our meeting feeling lighter

Finances can cause so much stress. They can be so hard to talk about. But knowledge and the demystification of estate planning can go a long way toward relieving that stress.

It’s not all suits and walnut desks and sadness- sometimes it can even be fun. And every single time, at the end, my clients tell me how much better they feel. It’s like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders, they say.

Sorting out your finances and protecting your family- that’s compulsory. Kidding around in meetings where I hypothetically kill off your spouse- that’s optional.

-CiCi Reagan Twining

PS if you’d like to have a free, no obligation chat with me about anything at all, feel free to reach out. I’d love to get to know you!